Creativity at the service of High Sensitivity

Which are the needs of the soul?
They are in two realms: Nature and Creativity

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

High Sensitive Nature
We are highly sensitive human beings, by nature. We are highly sensitive human beings, by nature. We are characterized by a major sensitivity to both internal and external incentives. We feel things in a more intense way, we see details that other people don’t, we are easily overstimulated by pieces of information and emotions. We are deeply intuitive and empathic. We are the 15% of the population. Find out if you are also part of this tiny community which is born with a particular sign of personality.


Creativity and Colour
We are creative souls but we often forget about it. Creativity helps us to connect to the deepest and most authentic part of ourselves, and offer unexpected solutions in order to live everyday’s life. Let’s allow ourselves to go beyond judgements, out of time, and let’s create a space where we can find ourselves and live differently. Color, playing and spirituality will be our key points on this highly experiential path.


Creative and highly sensitive seminars
We have no boundaries, no filters and a skin which is very thin. We tend to lose ourselves into other people and to be permeable with the world. The seminar of the creative construction for the personal shield helps us to listen, recognize and mention our strengths and use creative strategies to embrace and defend our sacred space, within an environment which is protected and exclusively composed by highly sensitive people like us.


Why is Creabilità born? Creativity at the service of High Sensitivity.

Creabilità is born to help Highly Sensitive People to process information from the outside and the inside world to a different perspective, through highly experiential and colourful seminars and meetings, thanks to creative circumstances, from a lateral thinking to spiritual practices, in order to deal with daily challenges and always being a step ahead.


I think it’s time. The PURPOSE of this project is to put together creativity and high sensitivity in order to create a value.
It’s time to allow us to be entirely ourselves, within a dimension of help and relationship.
To unveil and express our different ways, our different world.


Creabilità is born from the urgency to go beyond my profession, from the need to share stages and goals of a working path, which is personal, and especially spiritual. I feel the need — now — to be 100% myself, to open up completely, so I put together two remarkable parts of myself (creativity and high sensitivity) with the intention of bringing a tiny and personal help to the world, to people who live and feel the same way as I do. Therefore, our nature will be finally free to express itself. Authentically. Consciously. Wittingly.

This is dedicated to you, Highly Sensitive Person.
I have experienced it directly on my skin. I have experienced how much creativity — especially in this historical and violent period of time — can be helpful to us, Highly Sensitive Souls. Creativity always rescues me.



A fascinating path which slightly takes you to understand who you are.
A journey full of colourful scents, inebriating sounds, and dance within your body which expresses
unexpectedly your true essence, letting the roots sing and the shapes that brought you there shine,
to be moved by and fly on the miracle of your Life.
Emiliano Toso

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