Emiliano Toso

A fascinating path which slightly takes you to understand who you are. A journey full of colourful scents, inebriating sounds, and dance within your body which expresses unexpectedly your true essence, letting the roots sing and the shapes that brought you there shine, to be moved by and fly on the miracle of your Life.

Emiliano Toso
Musician, Composer and cellular Biologist

Tiziana Castellano

Marilena immediately reaches your heart as soon as you first meet her and you start getting to know her personal touch. She’s always at your side and she instantly treats you with kindness and sensitiveness. She also helps you to reach the threshold of your tiny world, by exploring and knowing your Soul, by holding your hand.
I rediscover the custom of colours and the liberating meaning of creativity associated with SENSITIVITY.
All of this represented to me an unexpected meeting where I could find creatures who looked just like you and had the same vibes I had. Everything happened within a journey that needs to be done once again as soon as possible!
Thank you Marilena for being with us, and especially for being One of us.

Tiziana Castellano

Walter Ruffatto

Marilena Florio is a dear friend of mine: one of those who are in the lucky class “we were something together in a previous life” (maybe more than once), but, for the first time, after the workshop into the woods, I’ve met a different Marilena: I liked this version of her as much as I liked the one I used to know.

Marilena, with her quick wit, her attention to each one of us, her deep listening and a good amount of assertiveness, took me to reconsider my sensitivity and helped me to make it a strength rather than a weakness. At the end of the seminar, I’ve also learned how to defend it from external attacks.

I said “yes” to the seminar about trust, but I had already regretted it since two days from the beginning of the course: it was hot, I didn’t want to look into myself, I didn’t want to draw and especially face something which had been a cause of pain and suffering in my life.

The facts contradicted me. Afterwards, all the doubts I was having were just factors of resistance to the change.

After ten minutes of activities, I was happy to have said “yes”.

Marilena accompanied me to be able to feel my inner self: under the shadows and the protection of many high trees and branches, as high as my daily snorts.

At the end of the day, a sensitive mapping of my soul was born. I was able to create a shield made in cardboard, designed and coloured by myself. A creative act which has the strength of a psycho-magical act.

I still have my physical shield. It’s in my house. But I don’t think there’s the need of hanging it above the fireplace as a kind of trophy (especially, if you are like me and you don’t have a fireplace in your house). The thing that matters the most is the fact that I built it. It exists and it will keep on existing within myself.

Today, I have an extra instrument and I’m happy about it.”

Walter Ruffatto

Damiana Grupallo

The morning of the seminar I was excited.

A mixture of feelings: I was nervous, excited, moved. I mean, I was experimenting
with all those things which are familiar to me whenever I come closer to something
that I know it will be touching.

And so it was, since the beginning. Since our first steps on the path which would
lead us to the “sacred space of work”.

I immediately noticed that the shape of the woods which would host us seemed like
the shape of a gigantic shield. I believe that was the first greeting to us. Here is
alright and the time is now.

Now, through the building of my shield made of cardboard, I look back to what
happened like if we were in a movie:

I start becoming small again, and I’m walking to that place that hosted me, starting
feeling as I belong there. And, of course, I belong there.

I know woods which are a more breath-taking panorama but that specific Community
of Mother Earth is perfect for the message we had to build for ourselves.

We didn’t feel the urge to show and demonstrate anything to anybody. We didn’t
need to let people know how many and which things we are aware of. We have lived
and discovered things during our life. And all of this happened because our minds
were completely free from any judgements. Marilena, since the beginning, has been
able to make ourselves at home.

Marilena has been good. A great and quiet master. She helped us to pass through
time and different worlds. She put me in front of a magical mirror, I guess…

And all the rest of it was like entering Narnia throughout a closet door.

There were exercises, shamanic journeys, meditations and contacts with the past
and the future. But also there was the complicity of the fellow I’ve bumped into and
who has never let me alone (it was nice being supported by another soul), the
messages received, interpreted and sent, or the suggested solutions. A
combination of ingredients for our magic potion: the one we created and
shared; the one which awakened me and roused the memory of my power.

I don’t remember how long I’ve been close to the spiritual world. I believe it has
always been a part of me but, sometimes, one might get lost.

It happened to me. And no one can really know how to return to the right path.

That day, right there, I believe I stepped for the first time into the right path. And I
kept on walking. Step by step, I was starting getting reacquainted with myself and
the power which lives in me and was not able to find me anymore.

Now, it walks with me again. It guides me. It talks to me.

Together, we are looking for something that the other part of me knows but I still

I work. I live. I have a family and many responsibilities. Whenever I need I look at my
drawing on the shield I’ve created and I remember. I usually burn some pine resin
and start remembering. Maybe everything is connected just to one thing: remember.

Thank you, Mari and Walter

Damiana Grupallo

Alessia Pancotti

It is not easy to translate a strong and penetrating journey like this one into words. You have to live it.
Everything is born through a hug. Marilena has inspired, dissolved, blended and coloured it. By making us tune in to a unique, intimate and incredibly personal shared space. We once entered completely the dimension of the highly sensitive soul. The world we entered was the one we normally experience through tiny pieces and by being accompanied by our loneliness. We shared, listened and felt.
Marilena took care of each shade with a delicate touch and by using the sound and a complete and sensorial perception of the soul. She bonded with us and she created a magical circle by aligning our vibrations. She perceived the profoundness and the needs of each of us. She made a soft nest with care, through our glances, scents and sounds.
Her journey releases the knots and frees the emotional flow everyone has inside. It lights everything up and it makes us feel strong and gorgeously sensitive at the same time. Beautifully sensitive.
In the first place, this is the real difference. And so, now, everytime I feel different, I take shelter in that little nest where I can hear the sound of drums which still accompanies me today. The vastity of the soul that I found in me and in every other person I bumped into helps me to feel grateful to be so limitless and colourful.
Thank you, Marilena. Thanks to me. Thanks to us. Thanks to the connection that will bind us forever in that special dimension, the one of the highly sensitive souls

Alessia Pancotti
Artista - Designer

Barbara Bertinazzi

I attended this event because I trusted the person who held it but, at the same time, I was accompanied by some worries of not being able to let go. In the end, it was actually a wonderful meeting among new souls like me, constantly looking for themselves. I reawakened myself, by listening to me and listening in general.
The willpower of being there instead of not being invisible. In the following days, I felt visible and I perceived the change
During the transposition, I was feeling and living very strong moments. During the creation of the Sensitive Shield, I trusted myself and faced the use of the colour which naturally left its mark.
It was an outstanding surprise for those of you who know my artistic skills (very mediocre ones) and even for myself. There were symbols, gestures and also animals which enlightened and guided all of us. A wonderful day, full of emotional efforts, but which ended up with awareness and wholeness​”.

Barbara Bertinazzi

Marco Farinella

Marilena Florio, officially, is an art director, a communication expert, a photographer, a painter, a sculptor and a creator of social projects. Actually, she is also an overwhelming shout which shatters the silence of misunderstanding. A hurricane of ideas that is frozen into perception. A flare of genius that tears the dark world’s blindness. She is a feminine fragility which controls the crowd A liquid creativity which solidifies certainty and fresh air that inspires self-exploration. She is an innovation which goes deep into the roots. She is a sea of uncertainties which holds people up. She is an uncontrolled emotion that displays both logic and sense.
Marilena is an unintentional oxymoron of decodified empathy; she is the lucky purple color. She gives something while everyone else is selling. She delivers something while others are giving. She offers something while others are delivering. She is the famous step back which takes someone toward the future.
Marilena is a HIGHLY SENSITIVE person which extraordinarily managed to transform her vulnerability into an overflowing CREATIVE FORCE.
It is highly recommended to “handle her with care!

Istituto Modai

Creativity’s Seminar at the service of High Sensitivity

Creativity is like an insurrection from the very center of ourselves. An energy which comes into the world from the inalienable need to be authentic and to be able to confirm your own distinctiveness. Because the heart cannot be normal. It can only be true. Carla Sale Musio SEMINARS
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