A Seminar About Shields and Sensitive Souls

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 Di scudi e anime sensibili


“There is a perfect time when the Soul goes out to play and dance above life.”.
Marilena Florio

That’s it.

This is the sentence that includes the meaning of Sunday, the 23rd of June, in the wonderful Villa

Piazzo in Pettinengo.

I have fully understood what having a deep relationship with like-minded persons means to me and to

the other. Without fear, with no filters, without judgement. I’ve understood it through my body, by experiencing it. A time to investigate in a creative way our unique depths and reach stratospheric

heights (who knows me is aware of the fact that I don’t use random words, so yes: stratospheric is the correct word; whoever was there with me knows it and remembers it in their own cells. I am sure of that).

Dancing with our own peaks.

Step by step, feeling the guidance of an intuitive leap which is very well settled in, of our immaculate heart.

A weird thing. At a closer look and in final analysis, our Soul is there at our disposal. If we allow it, it is ready to answer us. Our allied spirits are ready to help us. Our Invisible Masters too.

Our higher self knows how to support and guide us.

The seminar for building a Sensitive Shield has nothing to do neither with a style exercise, nor with an effort of design.

We don’t need to know how to do something; we just need to know how to be someone. Consciously.




I’ve met powerful and creative souls who have looked, seen and acknowledged themselves.
Highly Sensitive Souls

This is for you. I’m very grateful to have met you over this path and shared unique moments with you.
I appreciate the sensitive words you have chosen to help this project of the Soul:

“It is not easy to translate a strong and penetrating journey like this one into words. You have to live it.
Everything is born through a hug. Marilena has inspired, dissolved, blended and coloured it.
By making us tune in to a unique, intimate and incredibly personal shared space. We once entered completely the dimension of the highly sensitive soul. The world we entered was the
one we normally experience through tiny pieces and by being accompanied by our loneliness.
We shared, listened and felt.
Marilena took care of each shade with a delicate touch and by using the sound and a complete and sensorial perception of the soul. She bonded with us and she created a magical
circle by aligning our vibrations. She perceived the profoundness and the needs of each of us.
She made a soft nest with care, through our glances, scents and sounds.
Her journey releases the knots and frees the emotional flow everyone has inside. It lights everything up and it makes us feel strong and gorgeously sensitive at the same time.
Beautifully sensitive.
In the first place, this is the real difference. And so, now, everytime I feel different, I take shelter in that little nest where I can hear the sound of drums which still accompanies me today.
The vastity of the soul that I found in me and in every other person I bumped into helps me to feel grateful to be so limitless and colourful.
Thank you, Marilena. Thanks to me. Thanks to us. Thanks to the connection that will bind us forever in that special dimension, the one of the highly sensitive souls”.


“I attended this event because I trusted the person who held it but, at the same time, I was accompanied by some worries of not being able to let go. In the end, it was actually a
wonderful meeting among new souls like me, constantly looking for themselves. I reawakened myself, by listening to me and listening in general.
The willpower of being there instead of not being invisible. In the following days, I felt visible and I perceived the change.
During the transposition, I was feeling and living very strong moments. During the creation of the Sensitive Shield, I trusted myself and faced the use of the colour which naturally left its mark.
It was an outstanding surprise for those of you who know my artistic skills (very mediocre ones) and even for myself. There were symbols, gestures and also animals which enlightened
and guided all of us. A wonderful day, full of emotional efforts, but which ended up with awareness and wholeness”.


Marilena immediately reaches your heart as soon as you first meet her and you start getting to know her personal touch. She’s always at your side and she instantly treats you with
kindness and sensitiveness. She also helps you to reach the threshold of your tiny world, by exploring and knowing your Soul, by holding your hand.
I rediscover the custom of colours and the liberating meaning of creativity associated with SENSITIVITY.
All of this represented to me an unexpected meeting where I could find creatures who looked just like you and had the same vibes I had. Everything happened within a journey that needs
to be done once again as soon as possible!
Thank you Marilena for being with us, and especially for being One of us”.



I believe that all this magic and all this beauty are accessible only when one is able to be
completely authentic and unique. This is what happened to us. Authentic. Present. Unique.
A perfect day as we haven’t seen it in a long time. Have I already told you thank you? Well,
thank you so much.

Marilena Florio



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